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Volleybalclub Merksplas

Volleybalclub Merksplas
Yearly International Volleyball Tournament 2002

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29th International Volleyball Tournament - August 3 and 4, 2002

The tournament is finished. We had 51 participating teams, a few less than last year. The absentees missed a nice tournament! We started with some rain, and we ended with some rain, but during the games it stayed dry.

As in 2000, we had two young teams from Taiwan. A boys team, who are champion of Taiwan in the category of age 16, and a girls team, who are the second best team of Taiwan in their category. Both teams won our tournament in their series. We hope to see them back next year!

For the first time, we organised a Golden Oldies party in the tent on friday evening, with free entrance. This first edition was certainly a success!

If you have been at our tournament, it would be great to let us know what you think of it. Or maybe you have a nice idea for our next edition. You can always leave a message at our web board or just send us an email.

Hope to see you next year!


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