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Volleybalclub Merksplas

Yearly International Volleyball Tournament
Volleyball Club Merksplas

Each year we organise an International Volleyball Tournament during the first weekend of August. On August 6-7 2016 our 43th edition will be held.

Around 50-70 teams from Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Taiwan (yes, we had teams from Taiwan in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 and in 2006!), Russia, Belgium,... come to Merksplas. The tournament starts on saturday morning (but friday evening is already full of ambiance!) and ends sunday afternoon. We have several series: 3><3 or 6><6, competition or recreation level, male or female or mixed teams. We have 3 sports grounds inside, which will be used by competition teams (depends on number of teams subscribed). The other grounds are outside, on gras.

On friday and on saturday evening we have a Volley late-night party with disco. Both events are with free entrance.

For more information you can always send us an email or contact our secretary, Roger Belet, Kloosterstraat 17, 2330 Merksplas, Tel.: 00 32 (0)14 - 63 48 32, Mob.: 00 32 (0) 497 - 38 86 25, Fax: 00 32 (0)14 - 63 28 98

Foto's Internationaal Volleybaltornooi VC Merksplas
Foto's Internationaal Volleybaltornooi VC Merksplas

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